LUX HOT Sunbrella Seat Pads

Lux Hot Heated Seat Pads and PillowsSunbrella outdoo fabrics

Heated Outdoor dining chair seat pads in Sunbrella Fabrics featuring the LUX HOT Rechargable Battery Technology

Discover the warm luxury of a heated outdoor seat pad for your patio dining chairs with rechargable battery technology. LUX HOT DECOR features beautiful outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella that incorporate our internationally patented battery technology. A small battery pack and temperature controller is tucked away inside the seat pad with easy access from the hidden zipper opening. Your outdoor seat pad will keep your guest warm and comfortable while they dine or enjoy some time by the firepitSunbrella fabrics are the industry go to fabric for outdoor cushions and pillows. The fabric itself has a 5 year warranty against fading. LUX HOT Sunbrella Heated seat pads include a waterproof liner to keep the fill on the inside clean and dry. The unique pulse technology in the battery, keeps the heating element inside your outdoor seat pad warm for hours. No need to plug in. Take your LUX HOT Sunbrella Fabric Outdoor seatpad anywhere. On the low setting, the pillow will stay warm for 7-8 hours. On the high setting, the LUX HOT faux fur pillow will last 4-5 hours. Just plug the battery pack into a standard wall socket and it will recharge in about 2 hours! No need to replace batteries.

All LUX HOT decor products using Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics are made in Dallas, Texas USA! Not an import item. LUX HOT heated seat pads are available in 4 sizes to fit most outdoor seating, and are a perfect gift idea for anyone who likes to stay warm and cozy.

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